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2 responses to “Updated dashkard: Pixelmator Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. I have both, the dashboard widget and the OSX application, but I prefer the dashboard widget over the popup application. The popup application just gets in the way if the command (apple) key is held down for several actions; it obscures what you are trying to do. Far easier to move the dashboard app to the desktop and shrink it and leave it floating somewhere out off the way, ready for me to expand and use when I want it. The only shortcoming of the dashboard widget is that it can only be used on the primary screen. I use different screens for different apps; it would be nice to have the pixelmator dashkard on my third screen for example.

    In fact that would be my request; you can keep the dashboard app, but change the OSX to the same type of display that could be moved easily from screen to screen. BTW, in the widget your ‘i’ (information) screen only shows the check boxes - no text - to turn off unused/unneeded dashkards. At least I think that is what is supposed to do.

    Love the widget, even with the limitations.


  2. After looking around a bit, I realize I am late to the dashkard blogoshere - sorry bout that.

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