Is the dashkards widget dead (or should it be)?

If you use the dashkards widget on Mountain Lion, you’ve probably noticed the display problems on the widget’s back side. This is a bug that was introduced in Mountain Lion and so far I haven’t been able to find a fix. This issue and the limitations of Dashboard widgets in general have made it pretty [...]

RIP Steve Jobs

Cross post from Never knew the man personally, never will. But my life and my work would be considerably less fun without Apple and its products which so unmistakably embody Steve’s vision of what computers should be like. For that, and for being an inspiration to anyone who wants to Think Different, thank you.

Welcome to dashkards 2.0!

This site started out back in July 2010 as a fairly small project which now has evolved quite a bit beyond what I originally had in mind when I published the first handful of cheat sheets. A couple of mentions on popular blogs (thanks guys and gals!) grew traffic to the site from the single [...]